Palliative care – the care for terminally sick and dying – is unknown territory for many people, but everyone gets to do with it. As patient, friend or as spouse. Palliative care is not only important for people with cancer, but also for people who die from old age, to emphysema, heart failure, neurological disorders, etc.

These videos are also important for the partner, children, family and friends of someone with an incurable disease. They too have to do with fear and grief, and they also play a role in the care.


Information video “We all die”

People are unfamiliar with the possibilities of palliative care at home and the role that the family doctor and home care can play. The films here shows what happens if you – or people around you – have an incurable illness and want to die at home.

The films show – in seven parts – life between hope and fear. Patients, partners, doctors and others around the bedside tell what happens when an incurable disease is found. They clarify the difference between curative and palliative treatment, zoom in on large and small dilemmas that could arise if the disease claims a leading role in life, and addresses the question how real our biggest fears around dying are.

What viewers say…

The videos and photos and texts are very very nice, informative and empathetic, and not frightening. A very handsome combination. I have (had?) cancer for the third time. It took some time before I dared to watch the film. It moves me, but I don’t get sad or confused. You have hit the right note. So, once again, my compliments. As a physician and as fellow-sufferer, the website speaks very much to me.


I am impressed by the sincerity and clarity of the general practitioner. Excellent spoken, excellent script!


Perfect information document. In terms of both content and form. Beautiful as the development of the terminally ill is dissected and presented in wedges. Very clear. Also, my compliments for the site.