It gets worse

It gets worse

There comes a time when the disease emerges again. It is time to talk with your family doctor about how the end of your life can be, and determinate the choices you have to make.
You are preparing yourself on the end of your life. How can you ensure that you – if you want that – can die at home. How should this be arranged? The funeral and the estate have to be settled. And … How do you say goodby? What about euthanasia – “the good death”? Are the other ways of dying, a bad death?

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Quote: Wim van Stalle

We talked about it last night. When I die. I want to be cremated, that’s for sure. So I say to her: what do we do with my ashes. Are we going to scatter that? But we have now an other idea. It is put in an urn, And she will keep him. And when she dies, then I want my urn to be buried with her.

Quote: The family doctor

How do you say goodby? I know someone who made a detailed planning for conversations with people who were important to him, and with whom he had to settle some business. People he wanted to tell that he liked to work with them, and to thank the people who took care of him. Maybe you have some quarrels to finish, or to end a feud, or let people know that you love them. Others leave it as it is. everything you do is Ok.