It’s incurable

It’s incurable

If you found you have a serious, untreatable disease, it will have a enormous impact on you and on the people who are close to you. Strong emotions determine this phase. The questions rolling over you: “how long do I have?” and “why did I deserve this?”. they are impossible to answer. You wonder if you can get a “second opinion”, and if you offend your specialist by asking that. What’s the point of having a second opinion? What about alternative treatments and what about that new method of that oncologist somewhere abroad?

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Quote: Bart Vos

I had to come back three days later, on a Friday, for the results. I said to myself: “it will be allright”. But it wasn’t allright. Lung Cancer. And: spread in three places. An aggressive tumor. Then they gave me some time to catch my breath. And then he said: “it is incurable”. That was a hard blow.

Quote: Wim van Stalle

I got operated on my liver. They would remove a piece of it. When they opened me up, they immediately closed me up again. Because I had metastases. And then they told me, very cold and very cru: “Mr. Stalle, you have only four months to live”. That feels as if you’re hit on the head with six baseball bats. At that moment your world falls apart.

Quote: The specialist

We always ask you to bring someone to our meetings, so you can talk together about what has been said. Two hear more than one. Because so much can be missed, we also make an appointment for a follow-up to explain everything again and to answer all your questions.