Nursing and care

Nursing and care

the family doctor gets the annoying symptoms of your illness usualy under control. That is the case for pain, nausea, anxiety … Is suffering still nessesary in this modern time? Unfortunately sometimes it is.
You become weaker and you need more and more care. Your partner, children, family, and friends can help out, but at some point, the deployment of home care is needed. There should be all kinds of things aranged, who make the care for you easier, such as a high-low bed, a toilet chair … Before you know it, your House looks to the annex of a hospital.
What about the availability and accessibility of your family doctor? What do you do if ther is all of a sudden a crisis.

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Quote: The family doctor

In the beginning you may not need help. But if that changes, then the partner, family and friends should be asked to help. You have to accept that and your partner and family must cope with it. When the care for you gets heavier and more complex, you can ask help from the home care nurse.
All sorts of practical things need to be arranged. Devices that make care easier, such as a high-low bed, a toilet chair and so on. That’s a lot of hassle. Things for which you’re not in the mood.

Quote: The home care nurse

Clients think, that if they are so ill, they can’t stay at home. They really think: I can’t do this to my partner and to my children. But if we talk together with the family doctor, the family, and with the patient, and explain what care we can offer, then there will be peace, and they see that it is possible to stay at home.

Quote: Anke Dik

At a certain moment I found myself taking care of him. When he no longer could come out of his bed, I was a little desperate. I have sought help at the family doctor, who assured me that the home care nurse would help. The nurse has told me what they could do, and how we could do it together. That was nice to know, because I was really keen to keep him at home until the end.