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Unfortunately the DVD’s are SOLD OUT. Because we made this film to make as many people as possible acquainted with palliative care, you can download the movie’s here. We ask you to transfer 5 euro to our bank account NL08 INGB 0000 8762 71 att A. Mullaart . With this we can keep this website in the air, and pay for the phone, stamps and the charge of our bank.

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Titel Speelduur
1 You’re Worried 12:46
2 It’s incurable 12:48
3 Palliative treatment 12:48
4 Time to live 13:07
5 It gets worse 13:52
6 Nursing and care 12:44
7 Passing away 12:05


The video’s may be used by medical and care professionals and for training purposes.