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If you don’t become better anymore…

Information about the last phase of life for and by fellow sufferers

Also see this information video, in which 8 people tell about the dilemmas, about the choices they had to make and about the things that they had to arrange, after they were told that they will die soon.

Every year 80,000 Dutch citizens are told that they no longer become better, and that they will die in the foreseeable future. That is the beginning of a confusing and emotional period in which many questions looming, of which the answers are difficult to find. People who are terminally ill, experience some common dilemmas. Sometimes about concrete choices (‘where do I want to die’, ‘what treatment do I still want?’), sometimes about less visible considerations (“can I face my death?”). No matter how much information is provided, it seems that people in this life phase have to discover the dilemmas again and again, and need to adjust to their reality. Click Here.