Time to live

Time to live

After the period in which you were palliative treated, there is often a period in which you still can be very active. It takes courage and strength to take advantage of that time. There is much to discover with the people you love, and you can enjoy new experiences. Write a book, fall in love, meet friends, make that trip. If you are not suffer to much from annoying symptoms, you might be thinking that you are not sick.

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Quote: Theo Jacobs

I read a lot. Specially philosophy. I must say that it helps me very much. But painting is the lust of my life. I love it. I’m working in my room. I play my my favorite jazz on my computer, and then I just fiddle around, or as I say, “messing about”.

Quote: Marie Louise Whitlau

In the beginning Gert Jan dragged us, like an idiot, to all theme parks. At a certain moment we were dead tired. And the children said: do we really have to go to an amusement park again? Because Gert was in a hurry. He just had to go to Apenheul, to the zoo, the dolphinarium, to the… And finally the children complained, that they simply couldn’t handle it anymore.

Quote: The family doctor

Your friends, acquaintances and neighbors ask you how you’re doing. That can be nice for a while,
because you can talk your misery away. That may help. But it could also be possible that you just want to talk about football, politics or music. You can just say: “I just want to talk about football”. A good friend needs only half a word. It’s not unfriendly when you say that. Besides, the other one might also prefer to talk about football, but he thinks he’s then ignoring your illness.