You’re Worried

You’re Worried

If you are concerned about your health and have complaints, you go to the doctor to find out wat’s the matter. The doctor tries to find the most logical explanation for your complaints. When it gets insufficiently clear what’s going on, you will be referred to the hospital. There they will do tests and examine you. Your specialist discusses the outcome of those tests with you, and – if there is a serious disease – propose a treatment.
The question at issue in this part of the video, is if that disease is treatable or untreatable. Many serious diseases – also potentially deadly diseases – can be successfully treated. More and more people get cured. But thats not alway’s the case.
People are unfamiliar with the possibilities of palliative care at home and the role that the family doctor can play. The films here show what happens if you have an incurable illness and want to die at home.

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Quote: Bart Vos

I’m actually a little sick now for two months. Short of breath especially. It was getting worse. If I walked five or seven steps, I had to rest again. Could not get enough breath. Eventualy we called the doctor. And I went there the next day. He listened to my heart and said: ‘ That is not good.’ He directly called an ambulance to bring me to the hospital.

Quote: The specialist

Your family doctor has referred you to the hospital because he could not find no cause for your symptoms. And that makes both of you worried. You want to know as soon as possible what is going on with you.
The family dokter will search for the most obvious causes of your complaints, but the specialist try’s to exclude all serious conditions. He works the other way around. And even if he hase the idea that you have something innocuous, he will check everything anyway.